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Every once in a while, we like to give a shout out to the people who make up our camp community. Without all of you, OSRUI would not be the magical place we all know it to be!

We are excited to share how the Goldberg family – Rich, Janet (z”l), Deborah and Rachel – got connected to OSRUI and why they became donors.

Q: How did your family get connected to OSRUI? 

A: I was camper for two years in 1970 and 1971. Camp was the most important experience in my life that influenced my Judaism. When we had children, my late wife, Janet (z”l) and I always said that sending our kids to OSRUI for a magical and transformative experience was the best parenting decision we ever made. Both Deborah and Rachel became longtime campers and staff members. 

Q: Your late, wife, Janet (z”l) was a member of the OSRUI Board of Governors, and you joined the URJ national board in recent years. What inspired you to be involved?

A: We felt strongly that camp is a place where kids can learn, be excited and proud of being Jewish. Our goal has always been to build community and connections and we wanted to give back. When Janet passed away, Deborah and Rachel’s closest friends raised more than $5,000 in her memory for camp. We will never forget this, and the important role that camp has played in our lives.  

Q: Your entire family are generous donors to OSRUI. Why do you choose to give to camp? 

A: I want to be sure that everyone has a place where they can learn about Judaism in a fun and memorable atmosphere; my connection to OSRUI has made a lifelong impact on me and I want to ensure a connection for others to this place going forward.

– Rich Goldberg 

A: I support OSRUI because my summers were foundational to my Jewish identity and to finding my place in the world. Camp is a place where our children get to discover their best selves and immerse themselves in Judaism.  My experience tells me that kids then take what they’ve learned at camp and go out and transform the world.  The world would be a better place if all our kids were able to experience summer camp–I donate to help make this possible.

– Rabbi Deborah Goldberg 

A: I support OSRUI because camp introduced me to my closest friends. My summers at OSRUI instilled in me the importance of community and tradition and a love of Judaism. I am proud to support camp so that the next generation can have similar experiences as I did.

– Rachel Goldberg 

Thank you to the Goldberg family for your ongoing support of OSRUI!