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Introducing Our 2023 Rashei Eidot (Unit Heads)

We are so excited to introduce our 2023 Rashei Eidot (Unit Heads) who are part of our Mazkirut (Leadership Team)! This team is comprised of staff members who help oversee each of the units, the specialty areas, and other important spaces of camp. Their leadership will be incredibly valuable towards creating a great experience for our campers, staff and larger community!

Hannah Seigal, Rosh Kallah

Hannah is so excited to be a Rosh Eidah this summer! After 14 summers at camp, 9 of which were as a camper, and 5 of which were as a staff member, she can’t wait to lead Kallah! Camp has been her favorite place for the better part of her life, and she is so excited to be back in Oconomowoc WI and the beautiful teva of Wisconsin. During the year, when she’s not coaching at Orangetheory, Hannah is a student at the University of Denver studying International Relations.

Hannah will also be a Rosh Eidah of Atid.


Sarah Meadows, Rosh Tzofim

Sarah is so excited to be this year’s Tzofim Rosh Eidah! This is Sarah’s 15th summer at OSRUI, 6th on staff, and she is so eager to spend another summer downstairs. Sarah is from Mt. Pleasant Michigan, and is a senior at Indiana University, graduating in May with a major in International Studies, a certificate in Jewish Studies, and a minor in Environmental Science. You can always find Sarah crocheting, playing guitar, doing sports, or spending time in teva (nature)! Sarah can’t wait for another amazing summer at OSRUI and is so excited to meet all of the chanichim (campers), and see them making new friends on Tzofim hill, meeting the refet (farm) animals, and having the summer of a lifetime. One of Sarah’s favorite parts about camp is Shabbat Shira every week, and she is already thinking about Oconomostock, the Tzofim led all-camp talent show! Sarah is ready for the best summer ever in Oconomowoc and is already planning which high socks to wear every Thursday!

Daniel Brot, Rosh Gesher

Daniel is ecstatic to be returning to camp for his fourth year on staff and 12th year overall! He is a senior at William & Mary, a public school in Virginia established in 1693 (Roll Tribe!). He is a Religious Studies and Government double major. His senior research was on Classical Reform Judaism’s Sunday Sabbath Movement and he intends on entering the Jewish professional world after graduating. In addition to talking about Judaism, Daniel loves to play chess and ultimate frisbee. Since Daniel shadowed the staff in Gesher during Avodah 5 years ago, it has held a special place in his heart. One of his favorite things in the world is witnessing campers from across the country come together to make new friends and form a unique community each and every year. Another favorite is watching campers grow and learn in Gesher many elective activities and five intensives. OSRUI and Gesher are truly special, and Daniel cannot wait to welcome back those who have been coming back for years to those excited for their first summer for an amazing 2023!

Leo Norton, Rosh Moshavah

Leo Norton couldn’t be more excited to return to camp for his 13th summer at OSRUI as the Rosh Eidah of Moshavah! Leo grew up in Omaha, Nebraska with his three brothers and two dogs Polly and Daisy. He’s a senior at the University of Kansas studying Political Science. Leo is also an avid

Boston sports fan…to the dismay of most Midwesterners. Ever since his first day in Moshavah, Leo has felt like it was home. The people he met when he was a camper in Mosh 9 years ago are among his best friends today. Mosh is such a unique unit where campers are able to bond with their friends both in their tents perched on Mosh hill and the Tiyulim (trips) across Wisconsin. Leo’s counting down the days until he walks back through the gates at 600 Lac La Belle Drive for Moshavah 2023!


Idan Sheleg, Rosh Chalutzim

Idan Sheleg lives in Karmiel, Israel, and during the year, he works in a bookstore and a café, as well as with the Jewish Agency’s Diller Teen Fellows. After camp, Idan will start his degree in Economics and Business Administration, but before that, he cannot wait to get back to Kfar Chalutzim! His favorite part in Chalutzim is bringing Israel, his home, to camp. From the songs to the dances to the culture to the food – Chalutzim celebrates all of it. He loves seeing how the chanichim challenge themselves to grow and learn how to speak rak ivrit (only Hebrew) with their madrichim (counselors) while doing all of camp’s fun activities. He can’t wait to create and share new friendships and memories with all of ‘Tzim ’23. Az Yalla!

Idan will also be a Rosh Eidah of Atid.


Elana Adler, Rosh Avodah

Elana is beyond excited to be the Rosh Eidah of Avodah! OSRUI has been her second home for 13 summers and she is stoked to be returning to Avodah. Elana has done every unit on camp and enjoys the uniqueness of each program. Elana is from Aurora, IL, but spends her time in Boulder, CO where she is a senior at the University of Colorado, Boulder. In May, she will complete her degree in Environmental Sciences with a Minor in Business! She is passionate about plants, nature, and climbing mountains. Elana loves spending her days all around camp, and has a deep passion for teva (nature). There’s nothing better than being immersed in the natural beauty of camp. She is excited to help grow the gan (garden) and teva program this summer. Elana can’t wait to meet and work with this year’s Avodah Corps!