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Introducing Our 2024 Rashei Eidot (Unit Heads)

We are so excited to introduce our 2024 Rashei Eidot (Unit Heads) who are part of our Mazkirut (Leadership Team)! This team is comprised of staff members who help oversee each of the units, the specialty areas, and other important spaces of camp.

Shayna Irgang, Rosh Kallah

Shayna is beyond excited to be the Kallah Rosh Eidah! She has spent 11 summers at camp: 7 as a camper and 4 on staff. Shayna grew up in Schaumburg, IL, and is now a junior living in Milwaukee and studying nursing at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. Outside of school, you can find Shayna playing guitar, making a fun coffee drink, or studying in the library with her best friends. Shayna can’t wait to welcome all new and returning chanichim (campers) to Kallah, a unit where she has spent six of her camp summers. Shayna especially loves Face Paint Fridays in Kallah and singing with the whole camp during Shabbat Shira! Shayna is ready to have the best summer ever at camp and can’t wait to see everyone there!


Emma Locketz, Rosh Tzofim

Emma is so excited to be the Rosh of Kibbutz HaTzofim this summer! This will be Emma’s 13th summer at camp, and 5th on staff. Emma is from Minnetonka, Minnesota, and is a junior at UW-Madison. She is majoring in genetics and genomics, with a certificate in disability rights and services. She enjoys figure skating, going to Zumba classes, and baking! Emma is so excited to spend another summer in Tzofim, and can’t wait for the silly and fun Tzofim traditions like high sock Thursday and hanging out with the animals in the refet (animal program). Emma’s favorite parts of camp are making friendship bracelets on Tzofim Hill, singing at Shabbat Shira, and meeting so many amazing friends. Emma is counting down the days until summer 2024 and can’t wait to meet all of the campers in Kibbutz HaTzofim!

Jade Selch, Rosh Gesher

Jade is totally stoked to be this summer’s Rosh of Gesher! This is Jade’s 5th summer on staff, and 14th summer at camp overall, and they are so ready to spend another summer in the Horseshoe. Jade grew up in Evanston, Illinois, and is now a religious studies major at the University of Rochester. When not learning, they take the opportunity to play board games or play music. Though never a camper in Gesher, this will be Jade’s 4th year on staff in the unit, ready to take in the fun of each of our 5 intensives, new and old. Their favorite part of camp is coming together on Shabbat Shira, and they’re already looking forward to seeing the showcases of Gesher Expo. Gesher is a fantastic unit, and Jade cannot wait to cross that bridge and come back this summer!

Zoe Haith, Rosh Moshavah

Zoe is so excited to be returning to camp for her 13th summer as the Rosh Eidah of Moshavah! She is from Wauconda, IL, and is a junior at UW-Madison. She is majoring in elementary education and Jewish studies. She enjoys running, playing lacrosse, and exploring the outdoors! Zoe is so excited to spend another summer in Mosh and can’t wait for all the tiyulim (trips) to begin! She loves seeing how the campers challenge themselves and grow on each trip. Zoe is ready for the best summer ever in Oconomowoc — Mosh 2024 here we go!

Bar Ungar-Klein, Rosh Chalutzim

Bar Ungar-Klein is so excited to be back as Rosh of Chalutzim! Bar is 24 years old and hails from Gedera, a small town in south-central Israel. He grew up in the Israeli “Maccabi Tzair” youth movement, and had two amazing summers in OSRUI as a camper. Over the last two years, he has been traveling around Israel with Israeli and American groups, and he can’t wait to bring the Israeli experience and unique culture to camp this summer! He looks forward to speaking rak ivrit kol hayom and have the greatest time at camp! Az yalla!!

Bar will also be a Rosh Eidah of Atid.


Hannah Seigal, Rosh Moshavah Midwest

Hannah is so excited to be returning as a rosh eidah this summer! After 15 summers at camp, 9 as a camper and 6 on staff, she can’t wait to lead the first ever Mosh Midwest tiyul (trip)! Camp has been her favorite place for the better part of her life, and she is so excited to be back. Hannah is currently preparing to start her studies in law school this fall. She can’t wait for this summer!

Leo Norton, Rosh Avodah

Leo is so excited to be Rosh Avodah! This will be his 14th summer in Oconomowoc, where he’s spent 7 years as a camper and 7 as a staff member. Leo is from Omaha, Nebraska, and he attends the University of Kansas. Leo loves watching Kansas basketball, Nebraska football, and all Boston sports teams. Camp is his favorite place to be, and he can’t wait to lead the Avodah program this summer!

Elana Adler, Rosh Staff Life

Elana is beyond excited to be Rosh Staff Life this summer! OSRUI has been her second home for 14 summers and this is a dream role. Elana has done every single unit on camp and enjoys the uniqueness of each program. Elana works in Boulder, Colorado as a full-time youth director at Congregation Har HaShem, and loves her Western community. She is passionate about the mountains, lifting heavy weights, and her forty house plants. Elana is excited to work closely with OSRUI’s wonderful staff this summer. This summer, you can find her on the Peloton, in the gan (garden), or drinking an iced coffee. When you see her this summer, make sure to tell her your best joke!

Stay tuned to meet more Mazkirut members in the coming weeks.