2020 Staff Dates and Salaries

Arrival and Departure Dates:

Position Start Date End Date
Rashei Eidot (Unit Heads) 5/31/2020 (Sun.) 8/11/2020 (Tues.)
S’ganim (Assistant Unit Heads) 6/3/2020 (Weds..) 8/10/2020 (Mon.)
Moshavah Staff 5/26/2020 (Tues.) 8/10/2020 (Mon.)
Tzofim Staff 6/2/2020 (Tues.) 8/10/2020 (Mon.)
Chalutzim Staff 6/2/2020  (Tues.) 8/4/2020 (Tues.)
Other Mishlachat 6/2/2020 (Tues.) 8/10/2020 (Mon.)
Kallah, Tiferet, Gesher, Specialists and Machon Staff 6/7/2020 (Sun.) 8/10/2020 (Mon.)
Avodah Aleph 6/7/2020 (Sun.) 7/12/2020 (Sun.) 2:00pm
Avodah Bet 7/12/2020 (Sun.) 8/11/2020 (Tues.)
Songleaders* 6/7/2020 (Sun.) 8/10/2020 (Mon.)

*Songleaders should be available for Machon Shira from March 26th - 29th.

In general, staff are expected to arrive between the hours of 12:00pm and 2:00pm. If you are arriving on June 7th, please be ready to begin Shavuah Hachanah (Staff Week) by 2:30pm.

In general, staff may depart after 10:00am on their departure day, except where noted.

North American Staff:

Avodah Participants neither pay tuition nor receive salary
Machon $1,890
First Time Staff $1,950
Returning Staff $150 for each subsequent year on staff (Ex: 1st year Senior Staff - $1950, 2nd year Senior Staff - $2100, etc)
S'ganim Rashei Eidot $2,500
Camp Drivers and Office Staff Same starting base salary as above, with similar increases
Rashei Eidot & Lead Specialists Salaries are determined on an individual basis
Nurses and Camper Care Staff $1000/week

Staff members who have additional roles will earn additional compensation as follows:

Songleader $200 (Must attend Machon Shira, OSRUI’s songleading workshop)
Moshavah/Tzofim Kitchen Managers $100
Moshavah/Tzofim Medics $100
Tzofim Staff $75 (Paid for additional time at camp prior to staff week)
Moshavah Staff $150 (Paid for additional time at camp prior to staff week)

Israeli Staff:

All Israeli staff will have their flights booked and purchased by their hiring agency.

1st year staff: $557.50
2nd year staff: $1000
3rd year staff: Salaries are determined on an individual basis

URJ Travel Reimbursement Policy for Domestic Staff:

If the staff member remains for the entire camp season, he/she shall be paid travel allowance pursuant to the URJ Travel Policy.  The policy is as follows:

Travel reimbursement policy applicable to all URJ Camps, for travel within North America only.  If a staff member comes to camp from within a radius of 300 miles there will be no reimbursement for travel.  Any North American staff member who travels to camp from more than 300 miles by some means other than a car will be reimbursed by the URJ up to a maximum of $350.  This is based on the least expensive manner and receipts must be provided.  If a staff member drives their car more than 300 miles to get to camp, s/he may be reimbursed for gas and tolls, not mileage (receipts must be provided).  Reimbursement is conditioned upon fulfilling all the terms of one’s contract.  In the event that a staff member chooses to leave or is terminated prior to the completion of the contract term, half of the travel reimbursement will be forfeited.  In the event that a staff member leaves or is terminated before the camp session ends, the staff member hereby authorizes the URJ Camp to recoup one half of this travel reimbursement from the compensation otherwise due at the time of departure.  If you have any questions, please contact Dylan Singer

Arriving Late and Departing Early:

If you are arriving late or need to leave throughout the summer for any reason, written notice must be given to Dylan by May 1st in order for us to properly prepare for the summer.

If you are getting certified as part of your training (Machon Shira, WFA, Etgar/ABEE, etc.) you must be at camp for the entire training. If this is an issue, please speak with Beth Rodin or Dylan Singer prior to being hired.

For questions regarding staff positions and salaries, please contact Beth Rodin, Associate Director, at 847-239-6977 or brodin@urj.org  or Dylan Singer, Assistant Director, at 847-239-6969 or dmsinger@urj.org