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Happy Hanukkah – Year Round Team

Happy Hanukkah from the entire OSRUI year-round team! As we continue to give the Gift of Camp this Hanukkah season we wanted to take this opportunity share the gifts that camp has given to us (along with some fun camp photos)!

This Hanukkah help us give the Gift of Camp by registering for summer 2021, making a donation to a fund that speaks to you, or sharing the gifts camp has given you on social media!

Solly Kane, Camp Director The gift camp give me everyday is the chance to create a lifechanging summer experience for our campers and staff members – and the chance to get to spend time at Lac La Belle all summer is pretty great too!

Beth Rodin, Associate Director Camp has given me the gift of lifelong friends who help me bring the magic of camp home from Oconomowoc in between visits!

Dylan Singer, Assistant Director Camp has given me the gift of friendship. Each year I come back to camp, from an 8 year old to now, I meet incredible individuals who have become many of my lifelong friends.

Debbie Locketz, Assistant Director Camp Care Camp has given me the gift of my family.  I met my husband David at camp in 1997.  Over the years it has been a complete joy to watch both of our girls grow up at camp and have such a special place for us become such a special place for them

Alex Argentar, Director of Development Camp has given me the gifts of: Community, identity, a lifetime of memories and watching the sunset over the Arts Center!

Allisa Horwitz, Business and Operations Associate Camp has given me the gift of connection. Whether I am at OSRUI or just thinking about it, I instantly feel connected with Judaism, with the campers, staff and parents, and with NFTY. My most important connection is with my daughters and husband as OSRUI has been a significant part of our lives for so many years.

Julianne Schwartz, Community Outreach Associate OSRUI has given me the gifts of confidence, friends I talk to everyday (even when we live all over the country!) and summers filled with theater, lake sunrises, laughter, and ice cream. This is a photo of the day I learned to hold a chicken!